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Lunar Kind is a small independent crystal shop run by myself, Kiran Kaur. Through my love of crystals and knowing how healing they can be, I took the plunge to create Lunar Kind.

Creating a space such as Lunar Kind has always been a dream of mine, to integrate what I love and feel passionate about, to blend holistic work with creativity. I have always had an open connection to levels of consciousness and been sensitive to energies.

I come from a mixed background, creative and holistic. I also teach yoga in the Pilamaya way, I am a crystal therapist, make-up artist, intuitive reader and artist. I hope when visiting Lunar Kind, you enjoy and connect to this space.

I strongly believe in healing, processing and expression through creativity and spiritual practice. I am very much focused on our journey into healing. Mental health has a special place in my heart, especially as I face mental health difficulties daily. As an advocate for mental health, I actively write to bring awareness and support.

Please find below holistic services I offer.

Feel free to read my blog where I will share yoga, meditations, experiences and information about crystals, mental health and intuitive readings.

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Your crystals will arrive cleansed and charged ready for you to use. Crystals are cleansed with either Sage, Palo Santo or with Himalayan salt water. Your crystals are charged under moonlight, in sunlight or with healing sound. Product care is indicated within the description of products.

Custom orders are available, if there are specific crystals and jewellery you would like sourced please get in touch.

Contact: lunarkind1@gmail.com or via Contact Form

Holistic Services                                                                                                  

Crystal Therapy 

Lunar Kind offers 1:1 crystal therapy, which is a healing therapy. Crystal therapy uses placing crystals and gemstones on the body to heal, clear negative energy, allow for relaxation, emotional release, balancing and clearing the chakras. Various crystals and crystal points are placed on specific points of the body, depending on the focus of the therapy. Please get in touch if you are interested in a session or would like more information on crystal therapy.



Yoga Practitioner & Meditation 

My main focus is creating a safe space for women who feel the call to journey into healing, self care, self love and for those who struggle with mental health. This is a supportive and empowering environment. These classes are low to slight medium impact, where the focus is on compassion, being gentle and feeling your own process. Which leads to connecting with the body and breath, focusing on being calm, present and releasing anxiety. These classes are suitable for beginners and all levels. Please get in touch if you are interested in classes, or if you would like further information.

For yoga class dates and information- Classes and Workshops

Intuitive Reader

As an intuitive reader I also work with tarot, oracle cards and crystals in giving readings. Feel free to get in touch regarding readings for more information, for the moment readings are done via email where you will receive an in-depth reading.



Make-up Artist 

For a portfolio of work please see: